• Mariam Mir

4th Workshop on Metal AM.

Co-founder Dr. Christian Rossmann presenting the essentials of Build Failure Risk Assessment based on Additive Manufacturing Simulation

Today the 4th Workshop on Metal AM hosted by KU-Leuven ended after a great series of presentation on metal Additive Manufacturing. Besides several topics on material porosity, surface treatments, and topology optimization, simulation of the AM process has also been an intensively discussed topic. Talks from industry and academia covered simulation topics ranging from multi-scale modeling to simulating of more novel AM technologies such as Direct Metal Deposition processes.

AdditiveLab contributed with a talk on “Additive Manufacturing Simulation, Build Failure Risk Assessment” demonstrating the importance of utilizing simulation results to determine regions in part-support configurations with a higher risk of causing pre-mature process abortion.

If you missed the presentation, get in touch with us and find out what Build Failure Risk Assessment is all about.

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