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ParaMatters embeds AdditiveLab Simulation in CogniCAD Cloud solution

ParaMatters, a leading provider of cloud-based design and manufacturing software solutions, recently announced that it will launch at Formnext 2019 its complete end-to-end solution platform. CogniCAD 3.0 will offer novel generative design tools and optimized additive manufacturing features, including AM process simulation functionality powered by AdditiveLab’s cutting-edge simulation technologies.  

Ahead of the Formnext show, we are presenting ParaMatters and interviewed the CTO Michael Bogomolny to share more insight into the collaboration between ParaMatters and AdditiveLab.

How would you describe ParaMatter’s roadmap in regard to AM process simulation in the coming years?

AM process simulation is very important and it goes beyond metal. Polymers AM simulation is very interesting to explore.


Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about?

CogniCAD is a game changer. It is a high productivity design-to-manufacturing platform which allows companies to scale. Try it out !

Know more about this collaboration directly from AdditiveLab team at our booth in Hall 12.0, B81G, in the Formnext Startup area from 19 Nov - 22 Nov. Watch demos of our solutions, learn about how our team can help you optimize and customize your metal production process simulations.

Published 15 November 2019.

ParaMatters provides leading solutions for generative design creation. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do and your unique solution?

Generative Design and Topology Optimization have been in the market for a while. However, all the previously available solutions have been able to generate an inspiration only not the real designs. Therefore, engineers were expected to manually reconstruct geometry around the inspiration. After the geometry recreation, iterative validation analysis and shape adjustment are required. This old legacy process is very labor intensive, time consuming and did not bring much economic benefit to users. 
ParaMatters, on the other hand, represents a paradigm shift from the old concept. CogniCAD – is DESIGN tool, which is completely autonomous. It generates manufacturable and CAD agnostic models fully automatically as one-click solution, eliminating tedious and manual labor, shortening design cycle and reducing cost.

Additionally, CogniCAD delivers superior performance designs for real life challenging problem due to high resolution, robust feature size control, ability to control stress, natural frequencies and stiffness.

At CogniCAD 3.0 we also introduce thermal generative design for passive cooling systems.


CogniCAD has evolved from a generative design solution to a complete end-to-end solution for additive manufacturing. What was the main motivation behind that?

Industry 4.0 is all about automation and digitalization of the design-to-manufacturing processes.

At ParaMatters we succeed to completely automate the design process. The next natural step is to take the designs to the manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing is an eco-system which includes several steps in order to manufacture final and validated design. First, is to obtain the correct print orientation and to generate support structures, dependent on the manufacturing process. Second, is to simulate the manufacturing process in order to predict possible failure or inaccuracies. 

Many customers look for good end-to-end solution, and there is a lack of solution where each component is really high quality.

ParaMatters team developed a unique machine learning-based approach to design support structures and optimize build orientation. We see a lot of demand for high quality automated supports design and we think there is a lot of opportunity in this area. 

Therefore, given our best-in-class generative design solution, reverse engineering offering, plus build orientation and support design; we felt like we are able to cover most of the design-to-manufacturing aspects and CogniCAD becomes high productivity platform, which has a very flexible business model. Users can achieve unprecedented level of quality and automation for a very affordable prices without an investment in expensive computation infrastructure, because CogniCAD is cloud-based.     


ParaMatters is providing additive manufacturing process simulation capabilities in CogniCAD 3.0. How would you explain the benefit of process simulation to your users?

Metal Additive Manufacturing process is very expensive and very time consuming. Ability to virtually simulate the build process, detect potential failures and undesired distortions prior actual manufacturing is crucial from operational and economical perspectives. 

As I explained before, CogniCAD becomes end-to-end design-to-manufacturing platform, and the missing puzzle is manufacturing simulation. We are very happy to collaborate with AdditiveLab to integrate metal AM simulation solution into CogniCAD.    

Now CogniCAD users are able to:
•    Generatively Design or Reverse Engineer parts
•    Obtain Optimal Orientation and Design Supports
•    Simulate metal AM process


CogniCAD users who designed high quality functional design, obtained orientation and designed support, have an access to a very fast and reliable simulation of metal AM process powered by AdditiveLab. AM process simulation will provide an indication and prediction if the planned print will be successful, and if not engineer will be able to add supports and improve the setup prior actual manufacturing.   

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AdditiveLab is Formnext Startup Challenge Winner

Formnext is a leading global trade fair event for Additive Manufacturing (AM). Organized in Frankfurt yearly, with more than 600 exhibitors, 26000 visitors of which 49% are international visitors – formnext acts as a hub of information for the AM world. During the fair, the big AM players show evolution in AM field, latest trends, and their innovative solutions to complex problems. In addition to the industrial leaders, Formnext also gives an opportunity to several young, innovative startups to demonstrate their solution’s uniqueness by competing in Formnext’s Startup Challenge.

AdditiveLab team is proud to announce that we are a winner of the renowned Formnext’s Startup Challenge award in 2019. AdditiveLab was selected, by a decorated jury of global key players experienced in AM technology and business growth, for its innovative approach to AM process simulation.  AdditiveLab is a novel software solution for creating customized models for additive manufacturing process simulation. It enables users to simulate processes on scales ranging from micro-scale (scanning path) up to entire build configurations and helps to understand, predict and optimize manufacturing outcomes. With AdditiveLab, users can create their own simulation applications and automated workflows, and distribute them to design teams, manufacturing departments, test labs and customers.

Join our team at our booth in Hall 12.0, B81G, in the Formnext Startup area to watch demos of our solutions, learn about how our team can help you optimize and customize your metal production process simulations.

Published 9 September 2019.

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AdditiveLab and ADDvance Manufacturing Technologies Enter Exclusivity Distribution Agreement in Spain and Portugal 

As a result of the agreement with AdditiveLab, ADDvance will distribute AdditiveLab software for customers in Spain and Portugal.

“ADDvance is the leading Additive Manufacturing consultancy, with the goal to make adaption and strategic advancements in AM easier for the industry. With its team’s years of expertise in setting up new AM businesses in companies, helping adopt processes to optimize production and finding the best tools in industry fitting the user needs. ADDvance is well equipped to optimize the processes of its customers. It is an honor for us to be represented in Spanish and Portuguese region by ADDvance.” Announces Mariam Mir, Co-Founder of AdditiveLab.

“AdditiveLab is the most open and versatile software in the market for metal additive manufacturing process simulation. Due to its state of the art mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical simulation capabilities it allows engineers to identify potential issues and modify manufacturing configurations prior to the job, optimizing the process and saving time and money.” Says Elvira León, Managing Director of ADDvance. “AdditiveLab also offers full access to all simulation functionality for researchers enabling them in-depth production process and material insights and the power to customize their simulations.”

About ADDvance, advanced manufacturing consultancy services

ADDvance offers Advanced Manufacturing Consulting Services. Formed by a team of multi-disciplinary engineers, who offer all the necessary services and products for an integral solution for AM industrialization. ADDvance Consulting team is specialized in sustainable business models for additive manufacturing in different industries.

ADDvance supports customers in the industrialization of additive manufacturing, and performs feasibility analysis and validation projects adapted to the requirements of each sector. Through strategic partnerships with selected service providers as AdditiveLab, ADDvance provides the best technologies for each specific need. ADDvance has also a strong focus on research and development, performing projects of integration of equipment and software and designing customized automation solutions.

ADDvance supplies services to clients worldwide, but especially across Spain and Portugal and South American countries. For more information, please visit


Published 11 July 2019.

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