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Process Parameter Optimization
25 April 2023 at 16:00 CET

In Additive Manufacturing (AM), Process Parameter Optimization (PPO) is the complex process of finding ideal machine and material parameters for achieving high-quality parts with consistent mechanical properties. Furthermore, PPO helps in reducing production costs and improving productivity. By fine-tuning the process parameters, the manufacturer can reduce the amount of material waste, minimize energy consumption, and shorten production time.

Finite Element (FE) simulation is a powerful tool that can help optimize AM process parameters by allowing manufacturers to simulate and analyze how changes in parameters will affect the final part's properties. By simulating different laser power levels or scan speeds, simulation can predict how the resulting temperatures, melt-pool geometries, thermal velocities, and thermal stresses will affect the part's mechanical properties. This information can then be used to adjust the parameters to optimize the part's performance and optimize production efficiency.


During the webinar on 25 April, our CEO Christian Rossmann will give an overview about advanced simulation approaches to investigate and optimize process parameters. More specifically, attendees will learn about:

•FE-based melt-pool simulations

•Simulating conductive vs. keyhole mode melting via FE

•Simulation-based process map generation

•The benefits of PPO towards improved AM processes and

optimized designs


This webinar is tailored towards experienced:


•Process engineers

•Material scientist

Join this webinar on 25 April, 4 pm CET (7 am PDT, 10 am EDT)

Join us at Rapid 2023

The AdditiveLab team will be in Chicago for the Rapid exhibition. Our team of experts will be showing live demos and would like to have open discussions about your Additive Manufacturing simulation needs.

McCormick Place, West Building
Chicago, USA
May 2 - 4, 2023
AdditiveLab Booth: 23

AdditiveLab Webinar for DED simulation

  • A brief overview of DED technologies

  • An introduction to creating DED simulation models in AdditiveLab RESEARCH-DED

  • An overview about simulations with the Inherent Strain Method, thermal simulations and coupled thermo-mechanical simulations

  • An introduction to DED scanning-path analysis

Simulation of Directed Energy Deposition(DED) Processes
10 Nov 2022 at 10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT)

AdditiveLab’s CEO, Dr. Christian Rossmann, will present our novel software tool AdditiveLab RESEARCH-DED to simulate and investigate the outcome of metal DED processes. The webinar will include the following topics: 

Join us at FormNext 2022

Messe Frankfurt, Germany

15-18 November 2022

AdditiveLab Booth: 12.1, D21


AdditiveLab team is thrilled to showcase you our latest innovative solutions at  the FormNext exhibition this year. Join our team of experts for live demos on PBAM and DED solutions and open discussions on your simulation needs.

AdditiveLab Webinar for simulation experts

AdditiveLab’s CEO, Dr. Christian Rossmann, will talk about advanced melt-pool simulation features in AdditiveLab RESEARCH and will cover the following topics:

  • Advanced melt-pool simulation features of the AdditiveLab 4.0 version

  • Modeling of melt-pool formation (conductive vs. keyhole mode)

  • Determination of lack of fusion and keyhole porosity

  • Multi-layer scanning path simulations

  • Simulation of novel laser wobbling concepts

  • Automated process parameter optimization

Advanced Additive Manufacturing Scanning Path Simulations
26 Oct 2022 at 10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT)
Meet us at Rapid 2022

Huntington Place, 1 Washington Boulevard,
Detroit, MI 48226, USA 
17-19 May 2022
AdditiveLab Booth: 1747

The AdditiveLab team will be in Detroit for the Rapid exhibition. Our team of experts will be showing live demos and would like to have open discussions on your Additive Manufacturing simulation needs.

Join us at our booth 1747 or book a meeting with us by contacting us.

Join our Webinar
Webinar: Scanning-path Simulations - Part 2

Process-induced defects including the Balling phenomenon, Lack-of-fusion porosity and Keyhole porosity are potential challenges users need to overcome to improve the overall quality of their manufacturing processes and parts. Over the last decade, it has been successfully proven that the geometric characteristics of the molten pool can be directly correlated to process-induced defects. Therefore, the more accurately the melt pool shape can be predicted, the better the suitability of various machine parameters can be assessed.

During the webinar on April 27, our CEO Christian Rossmann will give an overview about cutting-edge, meso- and micro-scale simulation approaches to investigate and optimize potential manufacturing outcomes. More specifically, attendees will learn about:

  • FEM-based AM simulations on different length scales

  • Conductive vs. Keyhole mode melting

  • Modeling of advanced melt pool shapes

  • Simulation-based process map generation

  • The benefits of scanning-path simulations toward improved AM processes and
    optimized designs

This webinar is tailored towards experienced:
   - AM Simulation experts
   - AM Material scientists

Join us on April 27, 5 pm CET (8 am PDT, 11 am EDT)

Join our Webinar
Webinar_ Scanning-path Simulations.jpg

Leading companies utilizing Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) have taken control of their processes and are well capable of successfully manufacturing a broad range of products. But what’s next? What if the AM process can even be utilized to intentionally modify material properties and subsequently change the behavior of entire designs?

During the webinar on October 27, our CEO Christian Rossmann will give an overview about cutting-edge, meso- and micro-scale simulation approaches to investigate and optimize potential manufacturing outcomes. More specifically, attendees will learn about:

  • FEM-based AM simulations on different length scales

  • Trends in FEM-based scanning path simulation 

  • Meso-scale modeling approaches and optimization

  • Microstructure simulation, material-properties and material-performance

  • The benefits of scanning-path simulations towards improved AM processes and optimized designs

This webinar is tailored towards experienced:
   - AM Simulation experts
   - AM Material scientists

Join us on October 27, 9 am CET or 5 pm CET

Webinar: Scanning-path Simulations
Meet us at FormNext 2021

AdditiveLab team is thrilled to showcase you our latest innovative solutions at  the FormNext exhibition this year. Join our team of experts for live demos and open discussions on your simulation needs.

Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
16-19 November 2021
Hall 11.0, Booth D11

AdditiveLab Webinar for simulation experts
AdditiveLab starts 3M Euro IMEC-ICON funded project with project partners Materialise, Esma, Dekimo, IMEC and FlandersMake.

IMEC is one of the world-leading R&D and innovation hubs in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. With over 4000 researchers, imec institute is not only an expert in internal research but also has programs like imec.icon for promoting cooperative research on hardware-, software- and combined hardware/software innovations in industry and academia. 

AdditiveLab is proud to announce the start of our imec.icon research project Vision in the Loop with industrial partners Materialise, Esma, Dekimo and with research partners IMEC and Flanders Make. The Vision in the loop project focuses on product quality assurance for the rapidly growing Metal Additive Manufacturing industry. In this project the partners will perform in-depth research on areas such as optimized machine monitoring systems, enhanced X-ray usage for quality checks, predictive modeling and machine control strategies.


The AdditiveLab team is excited to start off this 3M euro collaborative project with the partners in the Vision in the Loop project. This project is co-financed by imec and receives financial support from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Our ambition is to bring innovation in Metal AM industry by providing unique micro-scale simulation solutions that solve industrial problems and pave path for Metal AM growth globally.

Find out more about how AdditiveLab can help you predict your Metal AM process better by contacting AdditiveLab team directly via our Contact page.

Published 23 June 2020.

Flemish Government awards AdditiveLab funding for extending its Direct Energy Deposition Simulation solution

The Flemish institute of VLAIO (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen) is an established government organization promoting entrepreneurs in the Belgium Flanders region. The mission of VLAIO is to stimulate and support innovation and entrepreneurship and to contribute to a favorable business-climate in Flanders.

AdditiveLab’s team is honored to announce the trust shown by VLAIO in our advancements in the AM simulation field. More specifically, VLAIO supports AdditiveLab in its 200k€ project to further advance the simulation for Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing process.

In the coming months, AdditiveLab will be releasing newer versions for our DED simulation software, helping our users predict their processes with high levels of accuracy, consider their customized setup of their DED process better and prevent failures in their production.

Find out more about how AdditiveLab can help you predict your DED process better by contacting AdditiveLab team directly via our Contact page. 

Published 19 December 2019.

‘One Click Metal’ introduces MPREP software with embedded AdditiveLab technology

One Click Metal, is a start-up OEM of low-cost and easy-to-use metal AM printers. Located in Germany, this young and innovative team believes in an all inclusive Metal AM solution with budgets affordable enough to open up this technology to the world.


AdditiveLab team is proud to announce a close collaboration with the One Click Metal team.


During the Formnext show, we are presenting One Click Metal and interviewed the CEO Bjoern Ullmann to share more insight into the collaboration between One Click Metal and AdditiveLab.


As a young start-up, One Click Metal recently announced its novel low-cost metal printers. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do and your unique machines?

Bjoern: Metal additive manufacturing is a great technology with huge potential, but only very few people/companies/industries can actually use it – because of high costs and high complexity. This is basically where the idea of One Click Metal was born: democratizing metal 3D printing, making it accessible to every company, every industry.


Hence, we started developing a system which is not only affordable but also intuitive and easy to understand. We want the user being able to instantly start building a part – without a deep understanding of AM-technology, without being trained on how to handle powder. Our BOLDSeries is the whole bundle: software, printer, unpacking station. So, you have everything together without having to buy periphery components. That´s what we are aiming for. Bringing metal additive manufacturing to the mainstream.

One Click Metal provides complete solutions with their machines including build preparation software MPREP. What was the main motivation behind that?

Bjoern: We want to offer the all-in-one solution, meaning the customer buys our system and that´s it. He´s got the software, he´s got the printer, he´s got the unpacking station. Coming from this, it was clear that a preparation software was also mandatory for our system. Therefore, we looked for an affordable yet powerful software that would fit our and our customers needs. 

You decided to provide dedicated additive manufacturing process simulation tools within MPREP. How would you explain the benefit of process simulation to your users?

Bjoern: Especially for newcomers to AM-technologies it can be a bit tricky to predict the outcome of a designed part. With offering simulation tools within our software we want the user to instantly be able to optimize every aspect of his building part. With integrated simulation tools the user doesn´t need a profound technological understanding of AM-processes. The user saves time and money by being able to detect errors immediately. In this way it goes along with our idea of making metal 3D printing understandable and more accessible. 


How would you describe One Click Metal’s roadmap in regard to AM process simulation in the coming years?

Bjoern: Our plan on the long run is to simplify AM-processes so that printing metal 3D parts is possible with one click. Our vision regarding process simulation in the coming years is its complete integration in our preparation software. We want to integrate more aspects of simulation tools such as deformation, stresses, automatic distortion compensation, shrinkline/whiteline detection, re-coater impact detection and temperatures to make our system user-friendly in every possible way. 



Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about?

Bjoern: To spread knowledge and make metal 3D printing more accessible there is one more thing that we are doing: the AMcademy. Our YouTube-channel is dedicated to everyone who is interested in metal 3D printing and wants to learn more. We provide educational content by explaining processes, materials, geometries, technologies – everything that is necessary to understand AM-processes. 




Published 21 Nov 2019.

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AdditiveLab is Formnext Startup Challenge Winner

Formnext is a leading global trade fair event for Additive Manufacturing (AM). Organized in Frankfurt yearly, with more than 600 exhibitors, 26000 visitors of which 49% are international visitors – formnext acts as a hub of information for the AM world. During the fair, the big AM players show evolution in AM field, latest trends, and their innovative solutions to complex problems. In addition to the industrial leaders, Formnext also gives an opportunity to several young, innovative startups to demonstrate their solution’s uniqueness by competing in Formnext’s Startup Challenge.

AdditiveLab team is proud to announce that we are a winner of the renowned Formnext’s Startup Challenge award in 2019. AdditiveLab was selected, by a decorated jury of global key players experienced in AM technology and business growth, for its innovative approach to AM process simulation.  AdditiveLab is a novel software solution for creating customized models for additive manufacturing process simulation. It enables users to simulate processes on scales ranging from micro-scale (scanning path) up to entire build configurations and helps to understand, predict and optimize manufacturing outcomes. With AdditiveLab, users can create their own simulation applications and automated workflows, and distribute them to design teams, manufacturing departments, test labs and customers.

Join our team at our booth in Hall 12.0, B81G, in the Formnext Startup area to watch demos of our solutions, learn about how our team can help you optimize and customize your metal production process simulations.

Published 9 September 2019.

Meet us at FormNext 2019
FormNext marketing campaign _Full.jpg
AdditiveLab and ADDvance Manufacturing Technologies Enter Exclusivity Distribution Agreement in Spain and Portugal

As a result of the agreement with AdditiveLab, ADDvance will distribute AdditiveLab software for customers in Spain and Portugal.

“ADDvance is the leading Additive Manufacturing consultancy, with the goal to make adaption and strategic advancements in AM easier for the industry. With its team’s years of expertise in setting up new AM businesses in companies, helping adopt processes to optimize production and finding the best tools in industry fitting the user needs. ADDvance is well equipped to optimize the processes of its customers. It is an honor for us to be represented in Spanish and Portuguese region by ADDvance.” Announces Mariam Mir, Co-Founder of AdditiveLab.

“AdditiveLab is the most open and versatile software in the market for metal additive manufacturing process simulation. Due to its state of the art mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical simulation capabilities it allows engineers to identify potential issues and modify manufacturing configurations prior to the job, optimizing the process and saving time and money.” Says Elvira León, Managing Director of ADDvance. “AdditiveLab also offers full access to all simulation functionality for researchers enabling them in-depth production process and material insights and the power to customize their simulations.”

About ADDvance, advanced manufacturing consultancy services

ADDvance offers Advanced Manufacturing Consulting Services. Formed by a team of multi-disciplinary engineers, who offer all the necessary services and products for an integral solution for AM industrialization. ADDvance Consulting team is specialized in sustainable business models for additive manufacturing in different industries.

ADDvance supports customers in the industrialization of additive manufacturing, and performs feasibility analysis and validation projects adapted to the requirements of each sector. Through strategic partnerships with selected service providers as AdditiveLab, ADDvance provides the best technologies for each specific need. ADDvance has also a strong focus on research and development, performing projects of integration of equipment and software and designing customized automation solutions.

ADDvance supplies services to clients worldwide, but especially across Spain and Portugal and South American countries. For more information, please visit


Published 11 July 2019.

Webinar for CAD Engineers
Additive Manufacturing Simulation for CA
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