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Our Mission

AdditiveLab has been specifically developed to address the engineering needs of Additive Manufacturing. It is designed for process engineers, design engineers, researchers and scientists working in AM who strive to efficiently investigate, understand and optimize their manufacturing processes. Our mission with AdditiveLab is provide a platform helping users to stop unnecessary production failures and increase their AM process expertise by virtually predicting failure-prone regions in parts and supports prior to manufacturing. Furthermore, with AdditiveLab we provide a platform to optimize build configurations and enhance the quality of your printing process and manufactured parts prior to production.

Our Users.
“The new release of AdditiveLab RESEARCH allowed us to virtually explore the efficiency of our AM process parameter sets. With the help of AdditiveLab RESEARCH, we identified valuable process parameter sets beyond our anticipation for improved productivity and crack mitigation.” 

Gordon Tajiri PhD,  Technical Fellow, AM Technologies at Divergent3D
Our Partners.
CAE Simulation & Solutions
CAE Simulation & Solutions is an established company with over 20 years of experience in simulation market. The application of numerical simulation methods (mainly FEA and CFD) is the common base of all activities. Over the years, the simulation activities of CAE Simulation & Solutions have been extended on one hand to simulations of higher complexity such as fluid-structure interactions (FSI) and MBD-FEA coupling. On the other hand, a high degree of specialisation regarding the fatigue assessment of simulation results was achieved. This also led to the in-house development of the commercial FEA fatigue assessment program Limit which is distributed worldwide.
Our Team

Our team combines years of experience in AM with extensive simulation knowledge. For years we have been doing nothing else than finding AM simulation methodologies that are fast, accurate and easy to utilize. With AdditiveLab we want to introduce a tailored AM simulation technology that can be easily integrated into the AM process chain and can be used by anyone without requiring simulation knowledge. We believe in AM as one of the most promising technologies in this century and will strive to provide with AdditiveLab a tool to make this technology more efficient.

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