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AdditiveLab Trainings.

Simulation is crucial in achieving high-quality parts through Additive Manufacturing (AM). The AdditiveLab team provides unique training that expedites the learning process for AM enthusiasts and provides a unique understanding of how to effectively utilize simulation for successful production.

2-Day Training Session: Simulation Driven Additive Manufacturing
Day 1 - Build-scale Simulations.
  • General Introduction to AM Simulation

  • Displacement based Counter Deformation

  • Thermal/Residual Stress Predictions 

  • Utilization of Simulation for Failure Prevention

  • Component Temperature Gradient Predictions

  • Industrial Cases & Hands-on Usage 

Day 2 - Meso-scale Simulations.
  • Melt Pool Simulations and Analysis

  • Advanced Tools for Melt-pool Simulations

  • Multi-trajectory, Multi-laser Simulations

  • Industrial Utilization & Recommendations

  • Link to Process Parameter Maps Generation

On-Demand Customized Training.
  • Customized sessions based on organization needs

  • Organization user cases integrated into the examples

  • Personalized advice based on existing AM workflows

  • Insight into AM simulation techniques and their value

Discover our Trainings.
Interested in an on-site or remote training with AdditiveLab?
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