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What services can AdditiveLab provide you?

Proper assessments of additive manufacturing is a hard task. This is contributed due to the fact that there are many factors to consider during production such as changing material properties and states e.g. from powder to liquid to solid, the interaction of process machine and manufactured design, and post-processing. Our engineers with decades of 3D printing simulation expertise and Metal AM knowledge efficiently identify failure-prone regions in your design, recommend manufacturing configurations and process parameter analysis to help you succeed in your next manufacturing challenge.

Personalized services.
  • 3D printing simulation

  • Simulation workflow integration

  • Build configuration optimization

  • Build risk failure analysis

  • Scanning pattern investigation

  • Machine Parameters Optimization

Customized Workshops.
  • AM Simulation training

  • Simulation-based build failure assessment

  • Adapting simulation environment to production specific settings

  • Python scripting for workflow automation

  • Integrating AdditiveLab within your workflow

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Discover our Services.
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