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Simulation Technology.

AdditiveLab offers state-of-the art Finite Element simulation technology which was particularly tailored to the modelling, simulation and visualization needs of metal Additive Manufacturing processes. AdditiveLab utilizes the powerful Math Kernel Library (MKL) which allows for very fast simulation. Furthermore, it seamlessly supports CPU multi-core processing and runs on standard Laptops and Desktop PCs. 

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​Case study:
Prediction of excessive deformations and critical stress concentrations.​


Simulate the AM process of a seatmast topper (courtesy S. Wright) and determine critical deformations and part-support interface regions that are critical to failure.



Create a mechanical, macro-layer based 3D printing simulation, visualize and assess deformations and the stress results.

AdditiveLab. Metal AM Simulation. 3D printing simulation. Metal 3D printing
Excessive Deformations

The thermo-mechanical metal AM process leads to residual stresses causing excessive deformations in unsupported regions.

 AdditiveLab. Metal AM Deformations. 3D printing deformations. AM deformations.
Critical stress concentrations

​Critical mechanical stresses occur due to global and local deformations causing the part-support interface to rupture.

 AdditiveLab. Metal AM Stress. 3D printing stresses. AM stress.
 AdditiveLab. Metal AM Stress. 3D printing stresses. AM stress.
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