Webinar: Scanning-path Simulations
Webinar: Scanning-path Simulations

Process-induced defects including the Balling phenomenon, Lack-of-fusion porosity and Keyhole porosity are potential challenges users need to overcome to improve the overall quality of their manufacturing processes and parts. Over the last decade, it has been successfully proven that the geometric characteristics of the molten pool can be directly correlated to process-induced defects. Therefore, the more accurately the melt pool shape can be predicted, the better the suitability of various machine parameters can be assessed.

During the webinar on April 27, our CEO Christian Rossmann will give an overview about cutting-edge, meso- and micro-scale simulation approaches to investigate and optimize potential manufacturing outcomes. More specifically, attendees will learn about:

  • FEM-based AM simulations on different length scales

  • Conductive vs. Keyhole mode melting

  • Modeling of advanced melt pool shapes

  • Simulation-based process map generation

  • The benefits of scanning-path simulations toward improved AM processes and
    optimized designs

This webinar is tailored towards experienced:
   - AM Simulation experts
   - AM Material scientists

Join us on April 27, 5 pm CET (8 am PDT, 11 am EDT)

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