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Simulate Metal Additive Manufacturing. Iterate between multiple manufacturing scenarios fast. Build for success.

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) at an industrial level is a fairly new challenge for many companies. Particularly in the early phases of adapting AM technology, companies spend several weeks with trial and error tests to optimize build configurations. This is inefficient and a waste of time and money. The software AdditiveLab helps to cut back the trial and error tests by providing simulation technology that can predict outcomes of metal-deposition AM processes. With AdditiveLab failure-prone regions can be identified efficiently and manufacturing configurations optimized to increase the manufacturing success, and subsequently, save time and money.

Additive Lab. 3D printing Mechanical Simulation. AM Simulation. Selective Laser melting simulation
Simple usage.

AdditiveLab was particularly developed to address the engineering needs of AM engineers without requiring simulation knowledge. AdditiveLab's 3D printing simulation solution provides a very simple user-interface and automated model preparation processes, reducing the state-of-the-art simulation to only a few clicks.

More insight.

AdditiveLab allows users to investigate, understand and learn more about their Metal AM manufacturing processes. The visual feedback of simulation results in AdditiveLab allows to quickly identify critical regions - regions that suffer from large deformations, localized stress concentrations and excessive temperatures.

AdditiveLab. 3D printing Thermal Simulation. AM Simulation. Thermal Analysis.
Python API for experts.

AdditiveLab offers unlimited access to all its features via a Python Scripting Interface. If you are an expert in 3D printing simulation - then automation, optimization, and customization are at your own fingertips using AdditiveLab's Python API. 

AdditiveLab GUI for easy interactions.
Discover more.
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AdditiveLab fits its key user's simulation needs.
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  • Identify failure prone regions in parts using Mechanical analysis, thermal analysis.

  • Analyze, compare and create designs tailored to the specific needs for AM.

  • Speed up your designing for AM learning curve and skills.

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Data Prepearers

  • Identify failure prone regions in parts using Mechanical analysis, thermal analysis.

  • Analyze, compare and orient for successful AM production.

  • Speed up your build preparation learning curve and skills.

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  • Customize simulations and automate processes via Python API​.

  • In-depth insight with thermo-mechanically coupled non-linear analysis​.

  • Simulation of scanning strategies with different machine settings and materials. 

  • Investigate and optimize your AM processes with detailed understanding via complex simulation models.


Software Suites

  • Integrate powerful 3D printing simulation in your software suite using AdditiveLab libraries.

  • Identify failure prone regions in parts using Mechanical analysis, thermal analysis.

  • Analyze, compare and orient for successful AM production.​​

Our Users.
“The new release of AdditiveLab RESEARCH allowed us to virtually explore the efficiency of our AM process parameter sets. With the help of AdditiveLab RESEARCH, we identified valuable process parameter sets beyond our anticipation for improved productivity and crack mitigation.” 

Gordon Tajiri PhD,  Technical Fellow, AM Technologies at Divergent3D
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